West Credit Union Maintains 3.6 Billion Financial Circle Turning On Daily Basis

Number of registered investors


Average number of loan parts per investor


Average investment per investor

$ 23524

Principal repaid to investors

$ 5 674 674

Interest paid to investors

$ 20 884 342

How do we do it you ask? Our secret is simple - we lend short and accept long. This simple system allows effective benefit distribution between Investors and Borrowers, while keeping the company on its feet. In order to go into depth in technicalities we give you the map of Interest rates all over the world, that perfectly demonstrates the statistical analyses that takes place every 10 minutes to give you the best and accurate offers on the market. We are using weighted average method to calculate the effective market coefficient and give you predetermined numbers.

Secure Online Payments, a Community Built on Trust, And a USD $ 25M Host Guarantee

Become a participant of direct financial circulation and pump your interests

West Credit union is uniting people all over the world for one purpose - eliminate 3rd party involvement. With direct communication channel interest rates have reached their maximum potential in our supply-demand graph. Now you can choose how much you would like to earn. No more unclear instructions, no more Market trends, just choose how much you want and when do you want it - yes it’s as simple as that


Tell us what you need, we have help waiting for you

In today's world, credit payments have become a part of our daily stressful life, this is why our team at West Credit Union came up with a solution that will revolutionize financial market once and for all. Here at WCU we help people who are low on cash, who wants to get married, cannot afford the car he always wanted, people who are dying to take a vacation, pay for education, people like YOU.

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